About This Site

I've developed this site with the following goals:

  1. To give myself hands-on experience with as many of the newest and best tools for software development as I have time to learn.
  2. To help develop my skills in the disclipines of iterative product development and continuous software delivery.
  3. To build a decent online presence for myself, demonstrating the kinds of things I know how to do.

site architecture

This is a Rails site running on Passenger, with Apache in front and SQLite in back. I also have Node.js and MongoDB behind Apache, mainly to serve the JSON API used by the demos. Finally, there's an instance of Wordpress hosting the blog. It's also backed by SQLite.

The source code for the site overall is at www-bill-boyer.com on Github, although individual demos tend to draw their code from their own separate repos.

The site is hosted on AWS, and in addition to coding the site itself, I've put significant effort into scripting the management of the AWS infrastructure, and developing an efficient build/deploy pipeline for publishing new releases. Vagrant has been a great help with that.

ops-bill-boyer.com contains the bulk of my ops-related code.